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For information on ESOL classes please click here.    

If you live in Newham and English is not your first language we can help you find an ESOL course.

Classes are for learners at different levels and usually run all over Newham on different days and times. Courses can be long or short and with or without exams. Most classes are free. We can help you find a class that suits you.

  Please look at our map to find a course near you.

If you can't find what you need please email us at esolexchange@compostlondon.org.uk. If you can't email us please call us on 07888 369 335.

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Newham ESOL Exchange website

Tuesday June 30, 2020

 Welcome to the Newham ESOL Exchange website !

The website is designed to make it easier for learners to find information. We can now update content ourselves which will mean the website is more current and useful. If you spot any problems or have suggestions for new content please let us know.

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